Dawn Bianca Feinberg BCMT, certified Jivamukti teacher & Licensed movement therapist is widely recognized as one of the most charismatic and highly respected yoga teachers in South Florida. Her classes, shaped by her warmth and love for movement, are both creative and physically challenging. Dawn's inspiration for her teachings come from a blend of the breath based essence of ashtanga and the evolving freedom of Jivamukti Yoga. In a typical class you will find inspiring asana topped off with great music and her signature sense of humor.

Dawn leads Jivamukti workshops and teacher trainings throughout South Florida weaving in key components gleaned from her daily Mysore practice. Dawn has been blessed with an auspicious line up of amazing teachers. She offers pranams to Sharon Gannon, David Life, Kelly Morris, Manorama, Loren Russo, Angelique Sandas, Kino MacGregor, and Nancy Gilgoff. She also offers pranams to her Bhakti Yoga teachers The Mayapuris, Krsna Kishor Rico & Visvambhar Sheth. Most of all she offers her maha pranam to her parents, loving husband, & sweet sweet son. When Dawn isn't focused on yoga, she spends time catching waves and hanging with her children and husband Danny.